Centres of Excellence

At its core and the main purpose of our Centre of Excellence is to define and develop standards and best practices.

Bespoke Training

As part of our bespoke personal training profiles, we provide frequent spotlight sessions on emerging themes and highlight specific matters relevant to each individual. We continually invest in our Health, safety and welfare culture, keeping all our staff engaged and committed. Our spotlights sessions make health and safety more reflective and relevant to the changing environments we operate in.

The Exclusive Way

The Key To Motivation

The Exclusive Way includes developing, producing and delivering training material meeting needs of a modern Service Providing Industry and all it’s employees.

All our training packages consist of a blend of documented and recognised industry standards, along with the Exclusive Services Group own practical experiences and successes.

We base all our objectives on:

  • Have we solved this issue in the past? If so, how?
  • What worked or didn’t work? What lessons did we learn?
  • Is there an industry standard that we can use as a baseline for comparative purposes?

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Learning Journey


The Exclusive Group is fully committed to providing every individual employee their own ‘learning journey’. A learning journey is a designed learning experience that occurs over a period of time and involves a whole series of different learning elements and learning experiences. This journey takes place over time and consists of multiple formal and informal learning components and experiences. It begins with a review of development gaps and this information then serves as the starting point for designing the learning journey.

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What learners find especially helpful is our structure of providing the learning materials and information. These materials and information make it clear what people should do next and how much time they should set aside, but also offers a high level of flexibility around where and when they should study, together with the multiple modes and channels for learning, which help embed key skills rapidly and effectively.


Lean Engineering Programme

Success Stories

This programme is designed to teach our employees in the exacting quality standards and procedures demanded in today’s fast paced cleaning industry. All our Managers complete a series of apprenticeships delivered by an experienced team of coaches who closely work with our managers developing their lean manufacturing and performance knowledge and skills.

The programme provides:

  • Greater understanding of health and safety regulations and law, environmental compliance
  • Development of individual roles and responsibilities, improving flexibility within the organisation.
  • Continuous Improvement tools and techniques such has problem solving, workplace organisation.

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