Our Approach

As a privately owned business our ethos has always been about providing a consistent quality service on a personal and transparent basis.

Dynamic Innovation

Future strategies

Our strategy now is to future proof the business through dynamic innovation and solutions. We start by agreeing your objectives and suggesting ways to achieve a level of cleaning that exceeds your expectations. We help you set goals that are constantly measured and reported, so you always know how service is being delivered. The Exclusive team all take pride in our approach. By taking a contract with Exclusive you are engaging professionals that live and breath quality cleaning services.

Lean Engineering

We have invested in external professional training of Lean Engineering. As a result, we are in a position to offer qualified management teams to deliver this methodology, in order to achieve maximum benefit. It would involve a detailed study for us to advise of potential culture or organisational changes which you the client would have to consider. This is covered in more detail within our training section.

Innovation Solutions


The Exclusive Services Group is a leading provider of innovative cleaning solutions. We invest heavily in future proofing our business to be consistently proactive in re-engineering and challenging accepted practices. We deliver an expanding portfolio of robotic/cobotic and AI technologies along with environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions to market.

We deliver an expanding portfolio of innovations and are currently working with major suppliers of robotic & cobotic cleaning solutions. Our solutions director continues to develop environmentally sustainable cleaning programmes, click below for more information.

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