HQ Theatres & Hospitality

Working in Partnership with HQ Theatres & Hospitality.

The Client

The award of a contract to Exclusive is resulting in better and improved outcomes for a chain of 10 prestigious regional theatres operated by HQ Theatres & Hospitality across the south of the UK.

The Plan

Ensuring audiences, staff and production casts are happy in equal measure falls to us at Exclusive Contract Services. From the initial planned and well executed mobilization plan we received very positive reviews from General Managers in many of the sites..

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The Result

Building strong relationships with individual managers and thereby learning more about the HQ Theatres culture, business and operation ensured that Exclusive Contract Services continued to deliver a great service and even better value.

"Exclusive Contract Services Ltd have now been awarded a new HQ Theatre in Wales and have also agreed a new three-year contract with more than a year to run on our existing agreement."

Exclusive Contract Services