Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap


There can be little doubt that 2020 was a particularly difficult year for people on a global basis.  For the Exclusive Services Group it has been no different. We prioritised our health and wellbeing, reviewed and introduced new smarter ways of working, faced the highs and lows of lockdown(s) whilst our teams and key staff concentrated on the delivery of our contractual service for our client base. Throughout this horrific time, we also fully concentrated on an equal and inclusive support to benefit our teams mental health wellbeing inclusive of our partnerships with Mind and The Employers Initiative against Domestic Abuse.


Our report advises on our UK gender pay gap as obligated and it reflects our clear and unequivocal desire to achieve gender balance across our industry. We are comfortable in supporting this objective by demonstrating our own results as the outcome for us all must surely be to ensure that the aspirations and aims to reach an acceptable gender balance are achieved.


Our report provides an opportunity to further demonstrate the ability of our team and how they individually & collectively show both an understanding and desire to achieve outstanding  performance. It is only by continuing in this manner that we will continue to make progress and do so in a quicker and more demonstrable manner.


I believe and hope that the approach taken throughout the Exclusive Services Group taken along with our investment will continue to ensure positive change.


I am fully committed in seeking to ensure that Exclusive is a group where opportunity and fair reward is universal regardless of gender or diversity.


Despite the pandemic and the obvious debilitating effect on everyone over the last eighteen months , we are reporting that our Gender Pay

Gap is minimal


I remain optimistic that through our commitment, we will continue to make move forward and affect the ambitions  of our teams who aspirations will be fulfilled in every area gender and diversity.


As previously reported the gender pay gap continues to measure the reasons behind any gender and talent gap, which will remain a key focus and driver in enduring opportunities result in more females are recruited in to roles that may once have been seen as male-dominated. In doing so The Exclusive Services Group Ltd will ensure we retain our proud heritage and further aspirations as an equal and inclusive opportunities employer.