Working in Partnership with Odeon.

The Client

Founded in 1930, ODEON is the largest and best known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland. ODEON and The Exclusive Services Group (TESG) have enjoyed a partnership over 5 years and operate in the North East of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire. TESG are contracted to carry out daily cleaning along with periodic carpet and seat cleaning.

The Plan

Exclusive were able to demonstrate their tried and trusted methods to maintain high levels of cleaning standards that are backed up with consistently good audit scored across the portfolio. We are also constantly looking for innovation through the Solutions Director, Dave Emmerson, who seeks to implement new ways of working and breakthroughs in equipment to further enhance productivity and efficiency. An example was when the new Luxe seating was introduced and we went through a full review and cleaning process which we was completed on video before submitting costs to the client on a footfall/usage/filmslate basis. Exclusive’s expertise in this media & leisure has been established over many years in cinema cleaning. In what is one of most challenging of sectors TEGS management and staff have a wealth of experience in understanding and adapting to the fluctuations of blockbuster releases.

The Result

The result was that we were awarded a new contract with ODEON in 2019 and began a detailed mobilization process through our Project team where the client was updated on a minimum weekly basis. We were able to provide updates in all areas of success and concern quickly in order to facilitate the renewal of the contract as if it were brand new to us. From the organized start and through our vast experience in this sector and high levels of staff retention we were able to continue with the high levels of service that the client had come to expect over the years. Implementation of the online training platform also brought great efficiency to staff training and engagement. Along with the monthly refresher training and Health & Safety learning our staff have benefited considerably through this innovation.

Excellent lines of communication and further partnership with senior ODEON management have assisted our ability to maintain the contract, especially in 2020 where the ever challenging and changing face of media & leisure requires an agility and proactive ability in reacting to change at short notice. Our dedication to providing high levels of service is a quality we take pride in to provide a high level of service to our client.

We are proud to work with Odeon.