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Case Studies

Sainsburys - Holborn Store Support Centre

For being recognised as one of the most modern and prestigious buildings in London, the Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre provides an ideal environment to showcase the highest cleaning standards.

Cleaning Services

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Supermarket cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Window and facade cleaning
  • Consumables provision
  • Feminine hygiene services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor maintenance
  • IT equipment cleaning
  • Floor barrier matting
  • Pest control services
  • Laundry services


Sustainability is paramount in all Exclusive's business decisions.

Caring for our clients

Exclusive make sure that we have the right processes and systems in place to nurture relationships with our clients and add the most value possible. This builds better, longer lasting partnerships, and delivers what our customers want. Because of this we are consistently developing and changing to meet the needs of a sustainable business.

We are committed to looking after our clients proactively. We recognise that our clients' needs are constantly changing and we want to work in partnership with them to support and help in these changes and to build relationships that stand the test and challenge of time. At Exclusive we believe in supporting our clients in their drive to be more cost and energy efficient and it is clear that we have a duty and can do this by improving the sustainable products that we use and the services that we provide.

Operational Improvements

It is important that all our employees and our suppliers understand that we must maximise our productivity and output so that we can provide customers with a value for money service. It is equally important for us to promote sustainable business practices amongst ourselves and our suppliers to deliver a sustainable business partnership, and in doing so achieve a greater benefit and level of success for both our clients and staff in the manner in which we operate. This means that it is vital for us to train and educate our employees in our changing approach to the environmental requirements and to work closely with our suppliers in order that all understand of our goals.

Natural Resources and Environmental Concerns

Our aim is a continued plan of improvement in our sustainability ambitions and to have realistic targets to achieve this. This will enable us to improve our sustainability and maximise value for money.

We're committed to using fewer natural resources as it's a professional and moral way to achieve business success on a sustainable basis.

We consistently question the way we do things and make all our employees aware of what we are striving to achieve and how they can contribute to this.

Exclusive had set targets to reduce our energy usage by 10% in the next three years. This is one of our fifteen business pledges that we achieved in 2015/16.

We also have targets in our own offices to increase our recycling to 90% and to reduce waste accordingly. We are happy to share our targets and to align them where required and appropriate with our clients.

Our People

Our people are our business. It is they who make us successful. We recruit the right people, agree the right development plans and help each other and have always tried to ensure that those involved with us are able to share in & become a success. That's how we’ve built our business. It enables us to grow and be a successful sustainable business. It is now imperative that Environmental and Sustainability plans are included within our approach to the development of our team.

We at Exclusive are proud of our Environmental approach and culture and we have a continual improvement plan in place that allows for change and flexibility.

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