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Our Clients


Area Manager John Richardson & Liam Wright

*STAR Award Winner*

Wednesday 17 October, 2018


A big thank you & Well done to our Mobile in the North Liam.

Liam very selflessley helped out a young lady who had just stepped of a plane from Belfast to attend University who was visibly in distress who had been locked out of her house in the pouring rain and had no charge on her phone to call for help.

Liam took it upon himself to let her sit in his van and charge her phone, provided her a coat to dry and warm herself whilst her phone charged and they waited for assistance.

Liam patiently waited and supported the young lady until she managed to contact family & friends. The young ladies parents tracked down Exclusive to ensure we were made aware of his selfless actions and to pass on the fantastic feedback!

The world needs more people like Liam, thank you for all your actions.

Liam was awarded a very well deserved STAR award & shopping vouchers as a thank you from Exclusive.

Well done Liam & Thank you!

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