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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Wednesday 4 April, 2018


Within The Exclusive Services Group Ltd we are committed to ensuring that we comply in the governance of our business and within our industry. Given the requirement to complete and submit our internal Gender Gap Review, we confirm that we have fully complied as required. We have also completed the review from a values and people aspect in ensuring that we remain successful as a business based not only on the quality of our people but also ensuring that we have the right candidate for the correct role and that this is reflected in rewarding the team appropriately & correctly. Whilst this approach is covered within our values and policies, it is an opportunity to review in line with a process of external verification and that such verification supports our approach as being legally and morally compliant.

It is therefore only correct to confirm that we comply with current legislation in relation to pay rates as a minimum requirement.

Our team and their individual and collective qualities are our business and it is important that they are aware and understand that we are transparent in compliance. It is also good to confirm that in terms of our senior structure our Board of Directors enjoy a 50/50% split between female and male members as does our Senior Management Team which operates with exactly the same ratio.

Both now and in the future, The Exclusive Services Group Ltd inclusive of Exclusive Contract Services Ltd and Brayborne Facilities Services Ltd will continue to follow both the approach and our stated policies which are reviewed annually.


Jim Melvin

Group CEO


These statistics are presented as at 5th April 2017.

Gender Pay Gap Report
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