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Our Clients

Sainsbury’s - Ansty Park HQ Complex

Sainsbury’s - Ansty Park HQ Complex

Cedar Building Foyer

Cedar Building Foyer

Cedar Building Reception

Cedar Building Reception

Sainsbury’s - Ansty Park HQ Complex

Monday 20 April, 2015

We have held the contract at Sainsbury’s Ansty Park since September 2012. The premises are set in 100 acres of beautiful landscaped parkland, with Ansty Park a central location for easy access. The HQ Complex is currently occupied by approx. 900 staff and more to come. There are two main office blocks Cedar and Beech, a PDC building and a multi storey car park with various parking points around the site. These buildings are occupied by clothing, designers and buyers

The site is ultimately to host to 1200 Sainsbury colleagues and currently covers an area of 180,000 square feet in total. There can be no doubt that Ansty Park is an extremely important complex to Sainsbury’s and as such it heightens the need to ensure that our clients brand is well presented in hygiene terms at all times.

Our Site Team

Our Site Manager controls a team of operatives, which includes full-time and part-time cleaning operatives. All operatives are trained to deliver great standards and have the opportunity to extend their skills further with BICSc and NVQ training.

Giving our team the opportunity to further their skills with such qualifications gives them the sense of worth and makes them feel part of a valued team. This has helped us retain our quality of people and staff turnover being very low, therefore helping us to maintain high standards and consistency.

Our Challenges

The challenges faced on a daily basis on the site is that it is very busy at all times and the number of visitors is vast and constant. Therefore ensuring the site is kept to the highest standard of cleaning achievable & to the same high standards of consistency presents an ongoing challenge, especially with the amount of entrances and exit areas on site. In referring the number of visitors, we must highlight that given the nature of the building and the fact that the visitors are generally from senior procurement, suppliers or presentations to Sainsbury’s, the level of cleanliness has to be pristine as it is wholly representative of our clients brand and that of Exclusive. The manner in which the building is kept to a consistent standard is in the process of pre-planned & scheduled maintenance, especially given that such is the nature of the site and the usage that plans and requirements can change dramatically and we must have the flexibility to adapt quickly and professionally. In addition given the importance of the site to our client, the team complete their duties with a smile and the approach almost has to be that of a concierge/hotel type service. 

Innovation & Sustainability

In line with the rest of our national account with Sainsbury’s we constantly research and suggest trials based around the continuous improvement ethos of Exclusive and the drive, passion and pride in what we do and in order to deliver added value. Within Ansty Park, we have changed the contract in conjunction with our friends and colleagues at Sainsbury’s and Arcus in-

  • Providing a Sit-On car park machine in order to increase productivity and standards given that the grounds are so vast.
  • We now also look after all the recycling within the site in order to assist.
  • We introduced and employ one of the UK’s most Environmental companies in our materials supply which fits hand in glove with Sainsbury’s 20/20 vision
  • We have Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning and Flat Mopping Systems in Place 
  • Biometric Systems in place for time and attendance of all Exclusive staff
  • We are currently working with Sainsbury’s on a water recycling and nanotechnology project
  • Within our ‘six sigma’ approach, we will be seeking to utilise the Ansty Park site on a trial as further proof of our continuous improvement ethos to service delivery.


The work and trust between our Sainsbury’s colleagues and the Exclusive Team aligned to our innovations and flexibility within a constantly changing retail landscape, the consistency of service delivery, and the pride in simply getting better all the time has led to consistent high level service. Given that Sainsbury’s have clear plans to develop the site further into almost becoming a Sainsbury’s village, it is vital that we ensure the client brand is properly represented at all times. The Exclusive Management Team support the on- Site team with weekly visits to ensure that we go out of our way to make a difference at Ansty Park given our passion, pride in both brands, the relationship with our Sainsbury’s colleague and finally, our commitment to continued success. 

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